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Have you got that Friday feeling??

Have you got that Friday feeling??

Have you got that Friday feeling??

Happy Friday everyone!

Got that Friday feeling yet? Honestly, I wanted to describe the Friday feeling in words, but I couldn’t quite find the right ones, so here is my slightly underwhelming attempt. For me that feeling is fundamentally summed up in this picture.I smell the weekend

CasaLivin is launching Furniture Friday!

How does it work! CasaLivin know everyone loooooooves Fridays and that Friday feeling, so we’re going to make your’s even better.  Look out for out Friday Deals click here to get updates to your inbox!

6 Friday tips

6 Things You Can Do on Friday to make the next week awesome! Top tips from the CasaLivin Team.

1. Set up some exciting contacts. Give yourself something to look forward to – get yourself fired up!

2. Organize the week. Make plans to start next week with a bang, its all about the feel good factor

3. Get one thing off your desk. Eat that frog! Get the hardest task sat in front of you out of the way

4. Shake up your routine. Start the next week on a high! Why do Mondays need to be the dullest day – make it the best one yet!

5. Work on your future. Plan something strategic that’s going to move your life forward the next week, month, year – motivation is the name of the game!

6. End the week on a high. This is what its all about, Furniture Friday! Sometimes to just need to treat yourself to something great! Leave the meh behind, have a seat ful of fun every Friday. Get in the Friday Feeling swing of things #fridayfeeling.

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