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How to use velvet in your home

How to use velvet in your home

How to use velvet in your home

Whilst there are many fashionable fabrics out there, none is as luxurious as velvet. Traditionally owned by the wealthy and affluent, its trademark characteristics range from its opulent sheen through to its sumptuously soft feel. Regal and refined, its historic status as a material of the upper classes means it’s a sure-fire way to lend a touch of elegance.

After falling out of fashion for a while, there’s no doubt that the trend for velvet is back. As well as experiencing a dramatic revival on the catwalks, interior designers have fully embraced this lavish trend too. Used for upholstering furniture from seating to headboards, along with other décor pieces such as curtains and wallpaper, this beautifully indulgent fabric lends depth, character and class to any room. We show you how…



Start off with thinking

If you’re feeling a little ponderous, think as if you were introducing a bright colour into a neutral interior – start small.  When it comes to furniture, try a singular occasional chair in the corner to start with. With a short but soft pile, our Freathy Dining Chair’s below are undeniably striking yet won’t overwhelm. Plush velvet fabric upholsters its modern frame, making it ideal for the lounge, study or any relaxed living space.



Choose the right type

You may be wary of velvet, percieving it to be out of date and heavy going like the old theatre curtains.  It also has somewhat of a reputation for being a little high maintenance; however this is not the case, take the Charlestown for instance, the soft velvet feel fabric is superbly water and food resistant fabric.  Request your fabric sample from supplychain@casalivin.co.uk

There are now many varieties out there, from sumptuous pure velvet through to more budget friendly velveteen or velour. Each has its own benefits and distinctive look, and as the various types are made up of different materials, each will wear slightly differently.

Pair With Complementary Materials

Whilst velvet will no doubt speak for itself, it pays to enrich the lush aesthetic by pairing it with similarly sophisticated materials. With a timeless warmth and classic character, wood makes the ideal choice.



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