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Regularly used in art and music, juxtaposition is becoming increasingly popular in interior design. It tends to be a controversial topic, but can be applied in a huge variety of ways. To mix conflicting designs in the same room, or it can be used on a grander scale, to modernise a historic home or even bring a vintage vibe to a new build. In this article we show you some examples hand-picked from CasaLivin’s range.

To Help you Understand more… Here’s the definition of ‘Juxtapositioning’

“Juxtaposition can be defined as taking two objects, themes, or materials and combining them or placing them together to create a striking contrast. In interior design, this can be interpreted as adopting two different styles, such as rustic and ultramodern, within the same space.”


For some great Juxtaposition Art’s here’s some the CasaLivin team picked out …

Bright Pink Raspberry…


…Or Lime Green Sled Chairs…

Even a creamy marble effect…can jump out at you!


Be bold!  Use the proximity of two different colours clash’s to great that ‘wow’ factor in your house today.  Just Contact the CasaLivin team to get more advice and your free fabric swatch samples today.

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