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2 x Fabric Protector Aerosol’s 400ml


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Pair of CasaLivin Fabric Protector Aerosol 400ml x 2

Product Overview

Solvent based protector in aerosol can. Also has waterproofing abilities.  This is the Scotchguard of Scotchguards!  Equivalent performance to Scotch guard.
Fabric Protector Aerosol is a solvent based protector in aerosol can. Fabric Protector is our liquid Fabric Protector in aerosol form. Can also be used for waterproofing fabrics. Ready to use. 400ml.

Instructions for use

The surface should be clean and preferably dry before use. Hold the can upright approximately 6” – 9” away from the fabric and spray evenly over the surface until ‘wetted’. Always ventilate the area. Clothes can be ironed when dry if required. This process can be repeated for extra protection. Always test for colour fastness.


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