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Killigarth Chesterfield Dining Chair (Pair)


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Pair of CasaLivin Killigarth Chesterfield Dining Chair with Solid Oak Legs and Chrome Handle

  • Chesterfield Dining Chair Vintage Design with Solid Oak Legs
  • Velvet-like Fabric Upholstery
  • Studded metal Detail
  • Chrome Handle on Rear
  • Please note CasaLivin sell these chairs in multiples of 2.
  • Available in: Black/Oak, Grey/Oak, Black/DarkOak, Grey/DarkOak

Product Overview

The Killigarth Chesterfield Dining Chair is a vintage designed piece that features a chrome handle on the back of the backrest. With a velvet-like fabric covering the chair its designed to portray sophistication as well provide comfort for diners. Constructed with a combination of fabric and solid dark oak. The legs provide durable support for an elegant dining chair that features metal studded buttons along its stitching.

With solid oak legs and studded metal buttons that run along the stitching, it gives the piece a unique look that would add character to any solid oak dining table.

The backrest features a chrome handle that’s placed on the back to give the piece a unique quality. That will compliment any solid dark oak dining table it’s coupled with. The linen-like fabric provides a textured look to a comfortable experience for diners.

  • Width:   59cm
  • Length: 52cm
  • Height:  98cm

Additional information

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