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The history of ‘The Chair’

Now I know you’re probably thinking this bunch have gone crazy!  Fortunately for you, we haven’t. Ever since the ancient Egyptians invented the four-legged seat in 2680 BC, better known to most as a chair, developments and new ideas having been coming thick and fast.  There are some monumental moments in the journey that you really ought to know!

1710, the first Rocking Chair was born, by tying two ice skates to the bottom! In the aftermaths of both world wars, chairs became more political. “There was a shortage of materials, and the concern was to build Homes for Heroes and then Utility Furniture

As the 21st century arrived, chairs kicked their legs in the air and went completely wild. Three of the most intriguing on show are Robin Day’s famous polypropylene chair, which sold millions around the world; a chair made by Jane Atfield of recycled plastic bottles; and Ron Arad’s stacking chair.

Now for the best bit, are you sitting down?  There is so much more to chairs than just bums on seats. One very important point; how comfortable are they to sit on…

So how about the comfort side of things

That got us thinking, in the design room of CasaLivin.  Have you ever noticed you chairs look great when you buy them, but after only a few weeks of sitting there are dents where you sit. A designer chair that only stays designer  


Close-up shot of the spring mechanism

Sprung seats

Most of our ranges of chairs have a sprung seat!  That’s what its all about.  Great value, for you!  Why?  Seats that are sprung with a metal spring supported by a fabric strop, this means that its going to last a whole lot longer that foam, and there’s more.  Because it’s twice as comfortable to sit on!

All our Kingsands Dining Chairs are designed and made with this sprung mechanism; click on the products tab and select the Kingsands range.  These have a huge range of Fabric and Faux Leather, browse the selection.  Get in touch with the CasaLivin office to ask for swatch cards!


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